We are all people who happen to live in Trieste and struggle every day with job insecurity, the rise in the cost of living, pollution, a lack of public services and much more.  

In our daily lives we experience a steady stream of evidence of our city’s great potential, but we also come up hard against the limits and obstacles put in place by our local politicians who make the wrong choices or miss opportunities for change.  Local politics have become the enemy of the people who work and live in Trieste by intentionally ignoring their needs and expectations, suppressing dialogue and involvement, and discouraging and alienating an increasing number of women and men from public life.

We can no longer afford to accept this situation.  We want to change the rules of the game of local politics and take back the future that Trieste deserves.  We want to give the people of Trieste the chance to do that now.  

We want to govern Trieste with a project that focuses mainly on moving towards a fair and equal economy, addressing an urgent course of action towards the resolution of the climate crisis, obtaining social security for all, and exploring new models of participation and cooperation.

This is why we have decided to open a Citizens’ Assembly, a democratic and cooperative space where we can decide together what the Trieste we dream of actually looks like.

The first objective is the participation in the 2021 Municipal Elections, but our commitment will not end the day after the elections. We will change the rules of the game.


Here are some of the issues we intend to address together in order to improve Trieste.   They are food for thought, ideas that will be expanded and deepened in the coming months through the involvement of anyone who is interested.



The Municipality must make a direct commitment to work towards a fair and equal economy that is respectful of all people and the environment in which they live.

In the first yearAdesso Trieste will provide incentives for services and industries that prove to be compatible with the environment and respectful of the dignity of the worker.

In the first five years, Adesso Trieste will protect the dignity of all workers by reviewing all expiring contracts and ensuring the insertion of clauses that protect wages and employment continuity,

In the first ten years, Adesso Trieste will contribute to the economic rebirth of the city by transforming the Porto Vecchio area into an eco-productive park.



Addressing the climate crisis by making the life of the city compatible with the natural environment that hosts it is fundamental for the future of our city.

In the first year, Adesso Trieste will begin to achieve significant results in terms of energy savings for families with the launch of intervention plans for redevelopment and energy efficiency on a local basis.

In the first five years, Adesso Trieste will decongest city traffic through the development of a sustainable mobility network (tram-train and bicycle paths) and a plan to gradually make all local public transport free to the public.

In the first ten years, Adesso Trieste will implement projects for two new urban forests, north and south of the city,



The growing sense of insecurity felt by the population has often been exacerbated by electoral manipulation by those who have done nothing concrete to solve the problems of people’s daily lives but have simply fomented social hatred.

A city heals itself by strengthening its services, regenerating public spaces, building networks of solidarity, cultivating talents and offering opportunities.

In the first year Adesso Trieste will jumpstart a campaign to reclaim many empty properties for the use of the people.

In the first five years Adesso Trieste will dedicate itself to improving life not only in the city center but in the city’s more peripheral districts, and will open five neighborhood houses, allocating green areas and urban spaces as common meeting places.

In the first ten years, Adesso Trieste will finally get to the bottom of the waiting list for social housing thanks to an extensive campaign of self-recovery and redevelopment of the existing local patrimony of real estate holdings.



The strategic role dictated by the geographical position of Trieste has for years been weakened, if not denied, by a political class that is obsessively stuck in the past and guided only by its own electoral ambitions.

We want our city once again to be part of the center of the Central European area to which it naturally belongs.

In the first year Adesso Trieste will set up citizens’ committees to propose changes in the management of local public services, and to re-appropriate their management by the community.

In the first five years Adesso Trieste will share the decisions taken by the Municipality with the citizens, transforming the present circumscriptions into permanent spaces dedicated to collective participation, with an adequate budget to meet the specific needs of each and every district.

In the first ten years, Adesso Trieste will launch a cross-border metropolitan area that will benefit from the shared management of services and valuable resources and the coordination of local policies.